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To format only hyperlinked REF fields, use the steps listed above with two modifications:. This cookie helps site owners know whether there has been an admin login from a new device or location. Formatting hyperlinked cross-references We said above that hyperlinked cross-references do not display the Hyperlink character style blue and underlined. Figure 3. You then select Bookmark as the reference type. But if you think that is ugly, you may have modified the style to be not bold, but perhaps you have applied bold formatting to just the caption number, so that you have something like this:

Show document content and check or clear the box for Show field codes instead of their values.

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On the Insert menu, choose Cross-reference… Figure 1. You can apply formatting to fields. You will need the following advance preparation:. This will be set for anyone who knows the URL that allows bypass of standard country blocking. Wordfence currently sets three cookies and we explain what each cookie does, who will have the cookie set, and why the cookie helps secure your site. A cross-reference is a field.